How Often Should I Redesign my Website?

As a small business owner in today’s challenging economy, you may find yourself asking the question, “Why do I need to redesign my website?” There are many answers to that question, all of which may be affecting the number of visitors who stick around your site long enough to find out what your company is all about and what services and/or products you are selling. You only get one chance to make a first impression. If your competition has a more compelling website than you, they are likely getting the website traffic and the business you are after.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a redesign of your website:

1. Out-of-Date Technology – If your website was built more than two years ago, it would be wise to evaluate the technology used to build it. Are frames or tables being used? Does the site utilize Splash pages or Flash? This is older technology which can pose problems with browser compatibility, search engine placement and page load times, which often times will send a visitor away from your site before he even views the home page.

2. Poor Navigation – Have you added so many pages to your website since you built it that not even you know where to find things on your website? Disorganized navigation is one of the top reasons a user will leave a website. If they cannot quickly find what they are looking for, they will go elsewhere.

3. Not Search Engine Friendly – There are many things that go into building a search-engine-friendly website. What worked in getting you placed well with the major search engines 2-3 years ago is probably not working as well now. The search engines change their algorithms frequently so you need to keep the technology behind your website up-to-date.

4. Poor Display on an iPhone or mobile device? New technology allows the website to display a mobile-friendly website when a user is browsing on a mobile phone. Consumers are using their mobile phones more than ever to find information on the internet. You don’t want to miss out on web traffic because users are frustrated trying to navigate an out-of-date website on their mobile device.

5. Out-of-Date or Poorly Optimized Content –When a user browses your website, do they ask themselves the question, “I wonder when the last time this information was updated?” Out-of-date content on your website will dampen your credibility in the eyes of the consumer. Does your site have a content management system that allows you to make updates to your website without knowing html code? Re-designing your site and adding a content management system is a necessity in today’s competitive environment. This allows you to keep your content up-to-date and continually add content to help with Search Engine Placement.

If your website has 2 or more of the above-named problems, it is time for a redesign. The experienced web consultants at Affordable Web Design can help you plan a website that will accomplish the goals of your company or organization at a very affordable price.

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