Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable Web Design is a full-service web technology company offering our clients affordable website solutions to create and maintain their company or organization’s internet presence.

We have website hosting packages to fit the budgets of small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations, as well as website hosting solutions for large companies and organizations. We offer the very best in customer service in the industry.

Website Hosting by Affordable Web Design:

We offer two levels of enterprise-grade website hosting packages featuring either a Windows Server 2008 or Linux platform.

What is enterprise-grade hosting? Simply stated, enterprise hosting is for anyone who relies on their web site to conduct day-to-day business and requires security, reliability, scalability and the most responsive, personalized support available anywhere. Our high quality Internet feed offers one of the highest percentages of available bandwidth in the industry.

This is possible since Affordable Web Design does not offer Internet accounts to individuals. Our network of high speed, redundant Windows 2008 and Linux-based servers average over 99.9% uptime, which keeps your website online and available to the world. Our server bank receives daily backups onto 50 GB digital data cartridges, and our platform of UPS-protected servers practically eliminates the chance of data loss.

Domain and Email Services:

Affordable Web Design also provides domain registration and renewal services so you don’t have to worry about your domain, and more importantly, keeping it registered to you or your company. We monitor all domains and make sure your domain is renewed in a timely manner, at an affordable rate. We also offer various levels of email services. Powerful anti-spam and anti-virus-equipped email services are also available.

Hosting 101: Features of any quality website hosting plan include:

Bandwidth is a measure of how much information is transmitted by your web site. Similar to making a long distance call, you pay for bandwidth use. Hosting plans come with a certain amount of bandwidth prepaid, and as long as you do not exceed the bandwidth budget of your hosting plan, you will not pay extra costs.

Email Accounts
Individual mail accounts or mailboxes allow you to establish different identities for you and your employees.

This is physical disk space used to store your web site on the server. It is generally measured in MB (MegaBytes).

Website Logs/Stats
Web Log analysis gives you the ability to examine the details of how your web site is performing. This information allows you to know where your visitors are coming from and how they traverse through your site. Many inexpensive hosting companies do not give you access to this information, and without it you will not have the ability to get the greatest potential from your web site.

Secure Server and Secure Certificates:

The secure server lets people transmit personal information over the Internet so that no one else can read that information during transmission.