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Does Your Website Display Properly on Mobile Phones?
In the past year, mobile web traffic increased 148% globally, but many websites are still only designed to be viewed on full-screen browsers with mouse navigation. Studies have shown that most mobile users will never revisit a website if they have a bad experience the first time. Make sure your customers can view your website on a mobile phone or computer tablet such as the Ipad.

Your website is your most powerful marketing and brand awareness tool…Affordable Web Design and eMobileMe makes your website ready for the “Mobile Revolution.” Did you know that in the world today, there are more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users, and a thousand more are added every minute?

Research is showing that more than 35% of people that view the internet do so using their mobile or smart phones instead of a desktop or laptop computer and this percentage is only expected to increase in future years. We create just one website, but write special code (using “Responsive Design” technology) to automatically detect if the user is viewing your website on a mobile phone or device and then display a mobile-optimized version of the site. It’s all dynamic.

Right now, there are millions of mobile users browsing the Internet. But, there is an unfortunate disparity when it comes to the number of consumer-focused mobile websites that actually load properly on mobile phones. This is because there are special procedures involved in designing a mobile website.

This is where Affordable Web Design and eMobileMe can help your company, organization or school.

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