Affordable E-Commerce Website

In this day and age, people are busier than they have ever been, and often times online shopping on an eCommerce website is the quickest and most convenient way for a person to purchase a product. Make your products available to your customers online (or on their mobile phone) with an eCommerce website solution, such as Magento.

Affordable Web Design, with offices in Minneapois, MN, Cincinnati, OH and Carlsbad, CA, and our eCommerce development team can help you to choose the right option for your eCommerce website. We can integrate an online shopping cart and online credit card processor with your current website or redesign your current site to better fit your company’s needs. We will help you provide a safe, easy-to-use online shopping environment for your customers.

We build our eCommerce Websites with built-in content managers so you have total control over your inventory, pricing, etc. Our eCommerce website solutions are scalable; Components to the online shopping cart can be added as desired.


Catalog and Product Pages – There are two types of catalog pages, 1) pages that display categories of products, and 2) product description pages. Both of these pages allow users and search engines to find the products on your website. The better the descriptions you give your products, the more sales you will make. Remember, people cannot hold your products in their hands like they can in a brick-and-mortar store. It is important that you describe them in an accurate and appealing way so that they will want to buy your products.

Online Shopping Cart
The shopping cart is the mechanism by which people can purchase one or more products from your web site.

Customizable Shipping Module The one thing we have discovered in providing e-commerce solutions over the years is that almost every company handles shipping in a different manner. To help you collect shipping charges on your products, we have a highly customizable shipping module. Some of the features are standard and some are optional. We will be happy to discuss how to collect your shipping charges the way you want to collect them.

Self-Administration Module Self-Administration is the ability for you to enter products into the database to be displayed on your web site. Once your eCommerce site is set up, we no longer need to be involved in the development of your web site. This saves you money in the long term, even though in the short term it may cost a little more.

Secure Checkout Our online shopping cart comes with a secure checkout capability. This means that your customer’s credit card data is never transmitted over the Internet unless it is securely encrypted.

Online Marketing Tools – Offer Gift Cards, Birthday Club, Customer Rewards Programs, and Free Shipping after certain amount spent.

Quick Books Integration – Quickly sync your online transactions to Quick Books accounting software.


If you have a merchant service account that connects to the Internet, we can connect your credit card processor directly to your website. This saves you significant amounts of time, as you do not have to enter in the data to your credit card processor. The other advantage is that if the credit card your customer wants to use is not accepted, the customer is told immediately by your site. You do not need to write to your customer and inform him of a problem with his credit card.